Saturday, March 8, 2008

Notes from 'Mineralizing your soil, your food and -- you!' by Joe Esposito

Gemma and I attended a 4 hour seminar in Peggs on the subject of remineralizing your soil. Very informative and a very relevent subject. Here are some of my notes:

Joe had a BRIX reader at the seminar. Using liquid from any plant, the device gives a reading of the minerals and sugars in the plant. On a normal BRIX reader 4 is poor and 10 is good. Typical grocery store veggies are '0.5' and a well mineralized garden vegetable can be up in the '30' range. I think of this reading as 'how much alive' is the plant *really low brix means a 'dead food' in my mind*
Read more on BRIX: *Do a google search also if you want - lots there*

A mix of books from the seminar and randome notes:

Garlic - Heinrich P. Koeh *Garlic used to be used commonly as an antibiotic*When growing your own garlic be sure the soil has lots of nutrients and hummus since garlic is a natural source of lots of minerals.

Folk Medicine - D.C. Jarvis MD (A New England almanac of natural health care from a noted Vermont country doctor

Overcoming Parasites Naturally - Dr. James R. Overman ND

Alkalize or Die - Dr. Theodore A Baroody

Choose life or Death - Carey A Reams with Cliff Dudley *Reams and Einstein were friends*

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration - Weston A Price

*Most maple syrup harvesters use formaldicide to keep the sap holes open longer ...yuck!

*Liver has high amounts of vitamin A

The Makers Diet - Jordin S. Rubin

Flood your body with oxygen - Ed McCabe
*Mentions using food grade hyrodgen peroxide to oxygenate water*Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment is used in Europe. See :

Supposedly, according to Joe Esposito it did not rain before the great flood (the plants were 'watered' by a mist that came up through the ground *unkown to me*) and that there were no seasons (the earth must have had a completely veritcal axis). Any thoughts?

Essential fatty acids are important in bringing oxygen into the body's cells. The cultures who's people have a history of longevity had diets composed of highly mineralized soil and plant food with little carbohydrate food.

Dented Corn *looks dehydrated to me* is a sign of calcium deficiency. When making cornbread and such; popcorn and indian corn are healthier and of a higher quality with more minerals.

Insects can't eat plants high in sugar (highly mineralized plants are much sweeter) because they don't have livers and will leave these healthy plants alone. So you won't need all the insecticides.

The body does not store potassium and so it must be consumed every day (500 mg/day). Foods high in potassium - bananas, celery, molasses, sardines, etc. *you will never lose weight in there is a potassium deficiency*

Microbes are the 'digestion' for soil. Plants won't absorb the minerals without them.

Daily water consumption: 1/2 the body weight in oz.

Maintain a healthy body PH.

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